New Club Officers

Congratulations to our club’s new officers.
President: Cam Demler
Vice President: David Schellenberg
Treasurer: Gregory Austrow
Secretary: Nicholas Elencovf

Come Talk to Us.

This Friday, April 18th, we the organizational staff would like you to come and tell us whatever you want about our organization structure. This is NOT a meeting to discuss any game specific ideas that you have, we'll listen to those at a different meeting. So if you have some thoughts, come to the Sphinx room (2nd floor of the union, ask the info desk/d-tix for directions) at 7:30pm. Please don't show up before 7:30.

SP'14 Infection Feedback

Please fill out the feedback form on our recent (Mar.31-Apr.5) Infection game! Remember, we would like your sincere feedback as it helps us create better games, so comments are appreciated!

Thanks again for playing!

Finale: Briefing Locations

Humans: RPAC Plaza (reserved) SEL/18th Ave Library Courtyard
Zombies: Hitchcock Plaza

Amnesty starts at 6:30PM, Briefings to start around 7:00PM. No Humans can be tagged from 6:30PM to Mission Start.

Because it is Kids&Sibs weekend, there are a lot of events going on today. There is no day mission, but you are still in play. Please be courteous and do not interact with non-players-- everything you do while wearing your bandannas is a reflection of your club. Let's make those chillins want to come to OSU when they "grow up".

There is a 24-hour marathon on the Oval, and we have been asked to not go on the Oval at all. Please steer clear of the area in everything you do today (including the night mission).

There is also the Renaissance Faire on the South Oval from 11-6PM, from our understanding. Please keep all play away from that area as well.


Night 4: Debrief

Well I have no idea if you gathered the right parts or not, however when Krieger saw the collection of parts you collected. He gathered them up with a huge grin on his face muttering "excellent" under his breath. I assume that means he can build the tank after all, hopefully it turns out better than the submarine he built. I'm sure it will be finished by tomorrow.



Night Mission 4: Briefing Locations

Humans: Independence Hall
Zombies: Hitchcock Plaza

If Barry can build a car in a day, I wonder what we could help Krieger build in two...

Amnesty starts at 7PM, Briefings to start around 7:30PM. No Humans can be tagged from 7PM to Mission Start.

Friday Day Mission 4/4/14

"It is with a heavy heart that we mark the passing of one of the greats of our industry, a man whose dedication to the eradication of this plague has inspired countless others to join the cause." Blah, blah. Let's get this corpse in the ground and collect on the money for providing security for the funeral.

- Malory

You will be acting as pallbearers at the following times and locations: South Oval from 12:15PM to 1:30PM and Hitchcock from 2:00PM to 3:00PM. This escort will require more than one human to complete. At the end of the journey from Hitchcock, you will be required to perform a twenty-one gun salute -- twenty-one (21) darts must be fired.

Keep up the hunt!

Night 3: Debrief

I have good news and bad news. Bad news is, Barry is definitely still alive, and I still can't find Piggly. Good news is, the shot he took blew a hole in him larger than Lana's man hands, so it'll take some time before he repairs.

Furthermore, we recovered one of his photovoltaic cells from the carnage. I was able to use his Soviet technology to create devices that, using artificial light, actively repel zombies. I call them Krieger Beacons. Unfortunately, without the manpower to gather all of the circuitry from Barry's cybornetic components, I was only able to assemble a few dozen Krieger Beacons. Assuming the field agents did their jobs, they should already be in place.

- Dr. Krieger

All light poles in the area contained by College, Neil, 12th, and 18th are safe zones for humans that are touching them with at least one of their palms. These will not be active as safe zones during night missions. This section is reduced from the entire campus, as attendance for the mission was low.

That car was truly the finest in Soviet technology! Be advised that the area between College, Neil, 12th, and 18th is now riddled with safe zones: all light posts in that region are now safe for any human touching them with at least one palm. Fear not, as they will not be active during night missions. Happy hunting!

Night Mission 3: Briefing Locations

Humans: Independence Hall 100
Zombies: Hitchcock Lobby

Amnesty starts at 7PM, Briefings to start around 7:30PM. No Humans can be tagged from 7PM to Mission Start.

Thursday Day Mission 4/3/14

Krieger here. I've been working on a substance that might counteract the zombie transformation process. With Malory out of the office, I had to hide some of the compounds I was testing from Pam. I'll need you all to gather the various forms of what we'll call "Krieger Powder" so I can continue my experiments.

Unfortunately, I'll need your help with those as well. I may have underestimated the volatility of my Krieger Balls.... Long story short, when the office went up in flames, so did my notes. And without the right combination of each type of Krieger Powder, I will be unable to proceed with my experiments.

Oh! And while you're out there, if you find Piggly, please get him back to my lab. He's been a bit temperamental as of late, and I don't want him getting hurt. I hope he hasn't eaten any Krieger Powder....

- Dr. Krieger

Go to any of these supply points across campus to pick up bags of sand: behind Knowlton (from 1-3PM), Drake, and 18th Avenue Library (SEL for those unwilling to acknowledge the name change). Bring the bags back to the west side of the RPAC (at the overhang near the tennis courts) to complete a puzzle with the bags. This mission will take place from 12:00pm until 3:00pm.

  • The RPAC plaza and the area under the overhang are part of a safe zone.
  • Each attempt at the puzzle will require six (6) bags of sand; once an attempt has been made, that sand will be spent, and another six (6) bags will be required for each subsequent attempt.
  • DO NOT open the bags or mix the various colors of sand.
  • Each human may collect two (2) bags of sand from each point every fifteen (15) minutes.
  • Sand may be left at the RPAC for others to use for the puzzle, and sand may be handed off to other humans.
  • If humans die with sand, that sand becomes out of play, and must be dropped off at the RPAC or the night mission briefing.
  • Only the humans getting the bag is safe, and 10 seconds, 10 steps for humans leaving the points. 

The mission will take place from 12:00pm until 3:00pm today. The relevant areas are the RPAC, behind Knowlton (from 1-3PM), Drake, and the 18th Avenue Library (SEL for the older kids).

  • The RPAC plaza and the overhang on the west side near the tennis courts are safe zones.
  • You may not collect sand from the supply points or take them from humans